Donations ring in the new year at nonprofit Appliance Depot

Appliance Depot in Bellingham has received a New Year’s gift of 28 stackable washer-dryer units from the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and Excalibur Laundries Inc., a Wisconsin-based company that supplies appliances to the station.

Appliance Depot, located at 802 Marine Drive, repairs and reconditions used appliances while offering job training to low-income residents. In 2012, the nonprofit program saved more than 1,000 appliances for local reuse while providing work experience and job training for 40 people.

The Depot accepts donated appliances from the general public regardless of condition. If workers at the training business cannot repair the units, they strip them for reusable parts and then recycle what can’t be saved. Appliance Depot also has free pickup service within Bellingham.

The donated washers and dryers are “home-style,” according to the Depot, but have commercial interiors made for the rigors of barracks use. After being tested and refurbished, the donated machines will be sold to low-income households for less than half the cost of new machines.

“We are so grateful that everyone involved in organizing the donation realized the value of these used machines,” said Duane Jager, Appliance Depot’s executive director, in a press release. “It’s good for the community and the environment that reusable machines are not crushed and recycled.”

Appliance Depot can be reached by phone at 360-527-2646. Donations are accepted at from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays.

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