Donations supply Bellingham Police Department with 21 AED devices

Automated external defibrillators, life saving equipment for those suffering from cardiac arrest, are now in 21 marked Bellingham Police Department patrol cars. Donations were made possible by Byron Sprague, Roger Jobs Motors and Peoples Bank. Byron Sprague is a member of the Bellingham Police Chiefs Advisory Council and brought up the idea to include AED’s in all police cars after an incident in April of 2018. The incident involved a citizen suffering cardiac arrest whose life was saved because an off-duty firefighter was nearby and had an AED in his vehicle. Initially, the idea to supply all BPD vehicles with AED’s lacked funding until Sprague found two sponsors to match his $10,000 donation. “This generous donation by Peoples Bank, Roger Jobs Motors and Byron Sprague will have a direct and positive impact on our ability to intervene swiftly during sudden cardiac arrest events. Our patrol officers are trained in first aid as we are often first on the scene where first-aid measures are required. Having the AED’s in patrol vehicles enhances our officers’ abilities to immediately apply advanced lifesaving treatment when just a few minutes may mean the difference between life and death to a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest,” said Bellingham Police Chief, David Doll in a press release. For more information visit

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