Downtown Bellingham Partnership introduces tax incentive program

The Downtown Bellingham Partnership has begun rolling out this year’s Main Street Tax Incentive program. It allows businesses who donate to the organization to receive 75 percent of their donation back as a tax credit on their state business and operations taxes.

The incentive program is statewide, and is a part of the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. The program helps communities across the state revitalize the economy and the appearance of their downtowns.

Money earned through this program in the past has allowed the partnership to fund projects to improve downtown Bellingham’s urban core.

Interested businesses need to apply for the program by January 1, 2017 using an application process through the state Department of Revenue. The partnership is assisting local businesses with the application process.

To learn more or get help registering for the program, contact Marissa McGrath and

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