Downtown Bellingham Partnership wants opinions on parking

The Downtown Bellingham Partnership wants opinions on a popular topic: downtown parking.

Through an online survey, the group is seeking opinions from downtown business owners and property owners. The 14-question survey covers everything from employee parking to parking tickets and meter limits.

The survey closes on Dec. 15, and the Downtown Bellingham Partnership hopes to implement some changes in 2016, said Lindsey McGuirk, the group’s project coordinator.

The downtown business association wants to push for changes based on as many opinions as possible, rather than just ideas from a vocal minority, McGuirk said.

“We often here that there is not enough parking downtown,” she said. “We want to know if that’s a real perception or just what people have gotten used to saying. We want to solve problems that are actually there, not just perceived problems.”

The Downtown Bellingham Partnership asks that downtown property or business owners contact Lindsey McGuirk at, for a survey.

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