Edmonds wine bistro to open Fairhaven location

By Lance Henderson

Daphnes, an Edmonds, Wash-based wine bistro with an old-world flair, will soon open a second location — Daphnes Fairhaven.

Brian Taylor and his wife, Louise Favier, are currently working to open a 750-square-foot wine bistro at 1200 10th St., Suite 102 next to the Fairhaven Village Inn.

Favier said that her husband attended Western Washington University and the two regularly return to Fairhaven to visit friends. While there, they would stay at the Fairhaven Village Inn.

“We noticed that they have a lovely breakfast room there and thought how wonderful it would be if it opened up in the evening to serve some beverages,” Favier said.

While on holiday in Ireland, Taylor and Favier wrote to the owners of the Fairhaven Village Inn about the possibility of expanding the use of the breakfast room.

“They wrote back that they had been thinking about it for a year,” Favier said.

The couple soon found that the breakfast room would be a bit cramped and decided to open in the space next door. To keep them connected, the hotel is installing a door between the spaces.

“That would allow for a continuous feel for the hotel customers and a street presence for us,” Favier said.

Favier said Daphnes Fairhaven will be a lot like its Edmonds counterpart; however, the Fairhaven location will be almost triple the size. The Daphnes Web site says it carries “beer, wine and a little food.”

“It’s the kind of place where the bartender wears a white jacket and you really feel looked after,” Favier said.

Favier and Taylor said they would love to have the business open before the end of the year, but it all depends on how smooth the permitting process goes.

For more information, call (425) 776-6402 or visit www.daphnesbar.com.


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