Election 2007

As Bellingham and Whatcom County move through the 2007 election cycle, we will all witness some significant shifts in the political landscape. A total of 27 candidates are vying for Bellingham mayor, county executive and several County and City Council seats. With these changes, we will undoubtedly see a new direction from these new leaders. It is this new direction that should drive home the importance of this election to the business community.

For this reason, the Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce and the Bellingham Business Journal have partnered to bring voters this 2007 election guide. Ten questions were sent to each Bellingham mayor, county executive, Bellingham City Council and County Council candidate. In the links below, you will find verbatim answers from those who responded. It is our hope that in this crowded field of candidates, these answers will help our readers better understand both the issues facing our community and the thoughts of our local candidates, allowing you to form your own opinions about who should get your support and your vote.

Primary ballots will be mailed Aug. 1 and are due back Aug. 21. Don’t forget to make your vote count this election.


Bellingham Mayor:

Seth Fleetwood

Doug Karlberg

Don Keenan

Dan McShane

Dan Pike

Bob Ryan


Bellingham City Council At Large:

Louise Bjornson

Ham Hayes

Michael Lilliquist


Bellingham City Council Ward 1:

Jack Weiss


Bellingham City Council Ward 3:

Barry Buchanan

Larry Farr


Bellingham City Council Ward 4:

Don Gischer

Damon Gray

Stan Snapp


Bellingham City Council Ward 5:

Terry Bornemann

Bill Geyer


Whatcom County Executive:

Pete Kremen


Whatcom County Council, District 1, Position B:

Chris Hatch

Dave Pros


Whatcom County Council, District 2, Position B:

Sam Crawford

Ken Mann


Whatcom County Council, District 3, Position B:

Barbara Brenner

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