Emergency Reporting looks to take on international clients

By Brooke Strickland

Founded in 2003, Bellingham-based Emergency Reporting offers cloud-based software for fire and emergency medical departments and agencies nationwide. Services include reporting tools and records management, and the company says it serves 6,500 agencies of all sizes, including 170 Department of Defense installations around the world.

Under CEO David Nokes, the company has grown rapidly in the past decade.

“When I came aboard in 2011, I was the 17th employee,” Nokes said. “Since then, we have been able to scale the organization up toward 100 employees. We are intentional about having an honest and dynamic culture and do our best to find the right talent to add to our family when needed.”

The company originally occupied space near the Bellingham Marina but saw such growth in staffing that it needed to find a bigger location. It moved to the Barkley Village area in 2016.

Nokes said the business goals of Emergency Reporting are twofold: Offer exemplary customer service and continue to provide products that are relevant and innovative.

“Our customer service team, implementation team and training staff are on the front lines with user engagement each day,” Nokes said. “We have a ‘relationship-first’ mentality and expect that each company representative develops and maintains a great rapport with our customers. On the development side, we instituted the scrum/agile engineering methodology in early 2012 and continue to mature in our use of those practices.”

Nokes said the company is making investments to attract larger customers.

“Over the past two to three years, we’ve taken steps to broaden our emphasis on the federal fire and emergency services market, including winning the U.S. Army Enterprise contract for 107 bases worldwide,” he said. “This was a significant event for the company and added to our federal footprint, which already included the U.S. Marine Corps Enterprise contract and all the fire and emergency services for the Coast Guard. This effort will continue as we pursue both U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force opportunities as they arise.”

Emergency Reporting is also looking to position itself for international markets, including Canada and South America.


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