Employment Security expands free computer software courses

The Washington State Employment Security Department has expanded a popular service that allows residents to learn computer software programs for free.

For the past two years, the department provided free access to online Microsoft courses. Now, under a contract with Skillsoft, the course selection has been broadened to include software by Adobe, Apple, IBM, Intuit, SAP and others.

In addition, users no longer are limited to taking courses only for software they own. As a result, the entire collection of Web-based courses is available to every registered learner.

“This represents an exponential increase in the size and value of the service we’re offering,” said Employment Security Commissioner Paul Trause, in a press release. “Good computer skills are essential in most jobs these days, and these courses will help thousands of workers improve their chances of getting good jobs and advancing their careers.”

All working-age residents of Washington are eligible for the free courses—both the employed and unemployed. Registered users can take as many courses as they want, at their own pace, on their own schedule.

Registrations are processed through WorkSource, which is part of the state’s workforce development system. To learn more and to begin registration, visit go2worksource.com/e-learning.

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