Everson school principal given Golden Apple Award

The Whatcom County Library System presented its Golden Apple Award to Kevin DeVere, principal of Everson Elementary School.

The award is presented each year to an outstanding Whatcom County educator who connects students to their public libraries.

“Kevin has always been extremely supportive of the library, kids, and reading,” said Eileen Shaw, Everson’s library manager, in a press release. “He invites our library staff to use some of their precious time every spring during their well-attended assembly to promote the summer reading program.”

“He also takes the initiative to invite us to their fall open houses. He prepares tables for us at the front entry, offers refreshments and anything else needed. He is always more than willing to distribute information about library programs in the school. Kevin also reaches out to the non-English-speaking communities in the Everson area. He partnered with the Everson Library to provide computer classes for our Hispanic community.”

The Golden Apple Award was presented at the annual All Friends & Foundation Gathering on Nov. 3.

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