Evolve Salon and Spa provides space for individual salon owners

Evolve Salon and Spa opened on Dec. 1 at 902 N. State St. The salon features a business model where stylists work together to run the salon and each one operates his or her own business.

The model is similar to a landlord-tenant agreement where building owner Brian Finnegan rents out separate spaces for stylists and other spa treatment for their individual businesses.

“There was a little bit of risk, but at the end of the day I get more people in the space,” he said. “It’s a beautiful salon and enhances the (shopping) center.”

Finnegan was looking to rent the space when one of the stylists, Janet Todhunter, approached him about opening a salon in the building with other stylists.

She said she knew the 2,000 square foot space would be too much space for what she was thinking, but after talking with Finnegan, this new idea emerged.

Finnegan said he knew the stylists had established clientele and knew he could take a chance on them. He furnished the space and afterward tried to stay out of the way, he said.

“The joke is I own it and know nothing about the salon business,” Finnegan said.

Todhunter said the stylists all work together to run the salon. “We are like a big family,” she said.

“We have control of the atmosphere and freedom to express who we are with the decor,” Todhunter said.

Most of the stylists have worked together for years and have their own clientele. With the new space there’s always room for more, she said.

The salon has six chairs, with one still available and three rooms available for spa services. For more information contact Finnegan at (360) 647-2856 or the salon at (360) 393-3043.


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