Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill moves to Burlington

The Bellingham Business Journal

After 34 years in Bellingham, the Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill has moved to Burlington. The move gives the company a larger facility and an additional hammer mill, which will be dedicated to milling gluten-free flours.

Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill opened in Bellingham in 1974, in the early days of the organic food movement. The mill expanded its customer base over the years to include buyers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

In 2007, Kevin and Matsuko Christenson purchased the Fairhaven Mill with a commitment to keep it organic and to offer a diverse range of flours. At the old location in Bellingham, the mill produced a variety of organic flours, including whole wheat, wheat pasta, cornmeal, rye, rice, oat, buckwheat, soy, spelt, millet, and barley.

Space limitations at the Bellingham site precluded more output. The new location gives the company room for new equipment to expand into new grains and to produce gluten-free flours.

“With the new dedicated gluten free mill we can produce rice, oat, buckwheat, soy and millet flours for our gluten-intolerant customers, while milling organic wheat, barley and rye flours on our other mills for the rest of our clients,” Kevin said in a press release.

For more information, call Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill at (360) 757-9947 or visit www.fairhavenflour.com.

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