Fairhaven Smoke Shop owner purchased a Seattle shop

The Fairhaven Smoke Shop closed last month after its owner purchased a smoke shop in Seattle. The shop sold cigars, pipe tobacco and other smoking accessories.

Former owner Mike Waters bought Tom’s Smoke Shop, a 45-year-old shop on University Way in Seattle, and closed it for renovations in February. Waters also owns Senate Smoke Shop, at 215 W. Holly St. in downtown Bellingham.

Fairhaven Smoke Shop employees will retain their jobs and move to Senate Smoke Shop, which is open and thriving, Waters wrote in an announcement on the door at Fairhaven Smoke Shop.

Waters plans to reopen the Seattle shop in mid-April, said Taylor Long, manager of Senate Smoke Shop.

“This move allows us to focus our resources in two different markets. It consolidates our expenses and stacks qualified experienced employees into one location in Bellingham which ultimately improves customer relations,” Waters said in the note. “This is a difficult decision but I believe it to be correct.”

Waters bought the Fairhaven shop in 2005 and opened Senate Smoke Shop in 2013.

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