Faithlife releases collection of unpublished scholarly texts

Faithlife, formerly called Logos Bible Software, released a collection of unpublished texts from one of America’s most well-known theologians.

Faithlife partnered with Yale University Press and the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University to offer thousands of new digital texts by Jonathan Edwards, an 18th century American philosopher and theologian.

“He’s a really significant preacher and one of the most influential puritans,” said Bob Pritchett, Faithlife CEO.

Pritchett said Faithlife has been working on the project for years.

In 2009, Yale University Press published a 26-volume collection titled “Works of Jonathan Edwards.” The collection, however, included less than half of what Edwards wrote during his life, said Kenneth Minkema, executive editor and director at the Jonathan Edwards Center, in a press release.

“The Jonathan Edwards Center has been working to prepare the remainder of Edwards’ vast corpus, presenting it online and now in partnership with Faithlife,” he said in the news release. “This is an exciting opportunity for us as editors of Edwards’ writings and, we hope, for readers who will have new texts — treatises, essays, sermons, notebooks, personalia and more — to digest.”

Faithlife is one of Bellingham’s largest private employers.

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