February business licenses

Listings, which feature both new and renewed licenses in Bellingham, include business name, licensee name and the business’ physical address. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham. 

Property Tax Advocates, Alan Scott Elzea, 1120 St Paul St.

Collins Computer Technical Solutions, Brian P Collins, 2415 Undine St.

Mv Chinook, Pacific Cruises Northwest, Inc., 355 Harris Ave Ste 104 A.

Light Source Design & Drafting, Shannon Mary Maris, 1814 Donovan Ave.

Yrc Inc., Yrc Inc., 4334 Pacific Hwy.

Kathleen Louise Richardson, Kathleen Louise Richardson, 402 Boulevard.

Roddick Construction , Jeffrey Hugh Roddick, 855 Democrat St.

A Clear Space For You, Karen Marie Ghio, 1224 Creekwood Ln.

A Caring Doctor, P. C., A Caring Doctor, P. C., 4379 Guide Meridian St.

Outerwall Inc., Outerwall Inc., 1225 W Bakerview Rd.

Outerwall Inc., Outerwall Inc., 210 36th St.

Outerwall Inc., Outerwall Inc., 4420 Meridian St.

Outerwall Inc., Outerwall Inc., 1650 Birchwood Ave .

Outerwall Inc., Outerwall Inc., 800 Lakeway Dr.

Outerwall Inc., Outerwall Inc., 2900 Woburn St.

Phil Howell Construction, Philip Lee Howell, 3200 Cherrywood Ave.

Auctionhunters2628, Kevin C Benson, 5582 Hannegan Rd.

Michelle Bates Photography, Michelle Ruth Bates, 2409 Mckenzie Ave.

Top Notch Builders, L.L.C., Top Notch Builders, L.L.C., 1060 Carpenter Rd.

Sound Construction, Dale Wesley Ulrich, 819 Samish Way.

Better Nails, Nhi T Buitran, 125 Telegraph Rd.

99› Max, Harsharn Singh Bhangav, 1538 Birchwood Ave Ste A.

Courage To Grow, Restorative Body Therapy, Pavlina Ortiz, 3105 Cottonwood Ave.

Jmd Consulting, Joan Mary Drinkwin, 1000 E Maple St.

Budget Truck Rental Llc, Budget Truck Rental Llc, 1200 Iowa St.

Joules Paints, Julia Ann Martin, 1801 Lakeway Dr.

Silver Beach Joinery, Peter Galen Hilleary, 2701 Dakin St.

Erik Johnson, Llc, Erik Johnson, Llc, 4200 Meridian St Ste 215.

Flipout Products, Flipout Screwdrivers, Llc, 4316 Winslow Ct.

Starbucks Coffee #3290, Coffee House Holdings, Inc., 222 36th St.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, Llc, 103 E Holly St Ste 413.

Richard Kroon, Richard Louis Kroon, 1848 High Noon Rd.

North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative, North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative, 228 E Smith Rd.

Andrea Lisa Medley Cary-Grant, Andrea Lisa Medley Cary-Grant, 2303 Moore St.

Faith Technology Partners, Inc., Faith Technology Partners, Inc., 1524 Toledo St.

Ko Fitness, Kyle Barrington Osborne, 414 W Bakerview Rd Ste 110.

Capstone Physical Therapy, Capstone Health Services Inc., 400 Sequoia Dr Ste 120.

Justin Melland Music, Inc, Justin Melland Music, Inc., 2704 Old Fairhaven Pkwy.

The Grasshopper Medical Group Collective , The Grasshopper Medical Group Cooperative, 4165 Hannegan Rd.

The Grasshopper Medical Group Collective , The Grasshopper Medical Group Cooperative, 1407 Iowa St.

Boutique-Boost, Valerie Ann Billings, 132 S 44th St # 1982.

Anvl Components, Anvl Components Llc, 1600 Carolina Street.

One Body Massage And Restoration, Llc, One Body Massage And Restoration Llc, 1106 Harris Ave Ste 309.

Kathy Adams Consulting, Kathy Jean Adams, 4214 Springland Ln.

Presentation Art Studio Llc, Presentation Art Studio, Llc, 203 W Holly St Ste 223.

Jimmy Johns #3395, Fns Food Service Group, Llc, 4265 Meridian St Ste 103.

Liz Loves Design, Elizabeth Catherine Donovan, 1812 24th St.

Cascade Sales Group, Salvatore D’amico Iii, 1720 Fruitland Dr.

Sibley Communications Llc, Sibley Communications Llc, 723 E Illinois St.

Dream Wireless, Llc, Dream Wireless, Llc, 1530 Birchwood Ave Ste A.

Everlife Remedies, Ericka J Baumgartner, 919 32nd St.

Sims Cleaning Service, Rohitash Chandra, 3610 Tree Farm Ct.

Forevergreen, Lang & Song Llc, 4654 Guide Meridian Bldg D.

Bennett Belka Photography, Ashley Rae Bennett, 2532 Ellis St.

George Law, Pllc, George Law, Pllc, 1313 E Maple St Ste 653.

L2ao Llc, L2ao Llc, 1011 Yew St.

Acme Farms + Kitchen, Acme Bham, Llc, 3926 Irongate Rd Ste D.

Stuff By Lallyzippo, Julie Doster, 3419 Woburn St.

Northbound Records, William Douglas Young, 2174 Yew Street Rd.

Balolia Properties Wa, Llc, Balolia Properties Wa, Llc, 1821 Valencia St.

Arcane , Tara Mckee, 100 Pine St.

S. Balolia Holdings, Inc., S. Balolia Holdings, Inc., 1821 Valencia St.

Madisons It Consulting Inc., Madisons It Consulting Inc., 1810 Texas St.

The Hawaiian Market Llc, The Hawaiian Market Llc, 4845 Guide Meridian.

Gurshinder Singh, Gurshinder Singh, 3915 Springland Ln.

Herkert & Associates Inc., Herkert & Associates, Inc., 114 W Magnolia St Ste 420 .

The Workspace, Calla Company, Inc, 303 Potter St.

Yaniv Attar Llc, Yaniv Attar Llc, 2005 Eldridge Ave.

Folio Intelligence, Client Analytics Llc, 804 Salmonberry Ln.

Davis/Ammon Llc, Davis/Ammon Llc, 2615 S Harbor Loop Dr .

Naviaux Emergency Medical Services, Pllc, Naviaux Emergency Medical Services, Pllc, 317 Fieldston Rd.

Paula L. Crosetti Insurance Agency, Llc, Paula L. Crosetti Insurance Agency, Llc, 3800 Byron Ave Ste B10.

Edco, Eduard M Onishchenko, 1230 Nevada St.

Glam On Point, Anisha Farook, 702 Kentucky St .

C.R.Westbrook Inspections Llc, C.R. Westbrook Inspections Llc, 3129 Birchwood Ave.

Apple Closed Captioning Llc , Apple Closed Captioning Llc, 3868 Primrose Ln.

Permanent Waves Llc , Permanent Waves Llc, 2801 Summer St.

Paru Productions Llc, Paru Productions Llc, 1100 21st St.

Paradigm Restaurant Consulting Llc , Paradigm Restaurant Consulting Llc, 1583 Brookedge Ct.

Kca And Associates, Llc, Kca And Associates, Llc, 1814 Ellis St.

Tech Gents, Llc, Tech Gents, Llc, 1505 N State St.

Imagine Diamond Contracting Llc, Imagine Diamond Contracting Llc, 1920 Alabama St.

Artisan Bay Spa Products, Llc, Cascadia Spa Products, Llc, 1224 Harris Ave.

Coastal Construction And Excavation Llc, Coastal Construction And Excavation Llc, 5150 Samish Way.

By The Bay Office Services Llc, By The Bay Office Services Llc, 4340 Pacific Hwy Ste 203.

Pure Fitness Martial Arts, Pure Fitness Martial Arts Llc, 1801 Ellis St.

Peak Energy Llc, Peak Energy Llc, 4220 Dumas Ave .

Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine, Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine Inc, 1530 Cornwall Ave Ste 101.

Sabortronx Llc, Sabortronx Llc, 16 Southern Ct.

Bakerview Market, Asknt, Llc, 436 W Bakerview Rd Ste 111.

Ink Drop Tattoo Shop , Ink Drop Tattoo Shop Llc, 3084 Northwest Ave.

The Import Guys, The Import Guys Llp, 4509 Meridian St.

The Weed Shop, Wl Group Llc, 4161 Hannegan Rd.

Best Buds Recreational Llc, Best Buds Recreational Llc, 2518 Meridian St.

Onjira’s Kitchen, Onjira Bunnag, 1524 Toledo St.

Vil’s Herbarium, Vilma Camp, 1121 Grant St.

Karissa Elliott Art, Karissa Elliott, 1014 23rd St.

Peachy Clean, Jamie Foster, 3800 Megan Ln.

Jj Proofing, Jackie Jones, 1523 Fruitland Dr.

Cascadia Draft Services Llc, Cascadia Draft Services Llc, 923 Newell St.

Spot On Digital Media Llc, Spot On Digital Media Llc, 4066 Springland Ct.

Julia Chen, Julia Chen, 4155 Britton Loop Rd.

Dragon Designs Llc, Dragon Designs Llc, 366 Sudden Valley Dr.

Carry On – Resumes, Carry On – Resumes, 727 E Mcleod Rd.

Itsbeaker Glass, Itsbeaker Glass, 3834 Fraser St.

Maggie Ferguson, Maggie Melizabeth Ferguson, 2711 Meridian St.

Regeneracy, Llc, Regeneracy, Llc, 1020 Railroad Ave .

Christine Kahlbaum, Christine Kahlbaum, 2310 Henry St.

Grassroots Registry, Grassroots Registry Llc, 2235 King St.

Fh International Inc., Fh International Inc., 1410 11th St.

The Rusty Crow, Stacey Elizabeth Wolf, 1740 Lake Samish Rd.

Saku Tea, Kuros Zahedi, 833 N State St Ste 1 .

Lash Atelier Llc, Lash Atelier Llc, 1344 King St Ste 102.

Bon Coup, Robbie L Swensen, 2218 Spring Valley Ave.

Wildhood, Wildhood Inc., 1905 Larrabee Ave.

Bellingham First Real Estate, Spencer Flannery, 913 Lakeway Dr.

Wired Results, Scott Michael Larson, 2915 Sunset Dr.

Pinnacle Performance , Joshua Michael Wilcox, 99 N 34th St.

College Pro Painters Sm 2016, Scott Eric Marshall, 1104 High St.

Granite Property Investments, Llc, Granite Property Investments, Llc, 4707 Fir Tree Way.

Strada, Adam Cesario Estrada, 2611 G St.

Kyle Stephen Weems, Kyle Stephen Weems, 3954 Byron Ave.

Maddie Neuman Leadership & Consulting, Madeleine Kay Neuman, 217 1/2 W Holly St Apt 9.

Linderman Tree Works, Linderman Tree Works, 1820 Valencia St.

Sandoval Contracting And Design, Jennifer Claire Sandoval, 1310 Lakewood Ln.

Goss International, Regan Sloane Goss, 1105 Raymond St.

Wa Shepherd, Ryan Schmitt, 2 Marigold Dr.

Hexagon Hats By Becka The Shizknitter, Rebecca A Viets, 2710 Cody Cir.

Lawrence Weisman, Lawrence Weisman, 3775 Canterbury Ln.

Swift Bean Delivery, Evan James Smietanski, 2901 Bill Mcdonald Pkwy.

Psychic Aria, Crystal Rose Marks, 4459 Meridian St.

Statema Racing Dynamics, Kyle A Statema, 1995 Governor Rd.

Modaffari Flowers, Jennifer Modaffari, 316 W Lake Samish Dr.

Say It Better Llc, Say It Better Llc, 1654 Bayon Rd.

The Bellingham Baker Llc, The Bellingham Baker Llc, 2705 Northwest Ave.

Smart Conflict, Lucas Wiesner, 907 Nevada St.

Comfort Inn Bellingham, David Rich Corporation, 4282 Meridian St.

Rook & Ribbon, Rebecca Michele Marrall, 140 Harbor View Dr.

Intellitonic Llc, Intellitonic, Llc, 2406 Lynn St.

Jason Alden Harper, Jason Alden Harper, 2624 Nevada St.

North West Discount Supply Llc, North West Discount Supply Llc, 1513 Lincoln St.

Agate Northwest Llc, Agate Northwest Llc, 3344 Sunny Cove Ct.

Wandering Oaks Gallery, Wandering Oaks Fine Art Gallery And Glass Studio Llc, 126 W Holly St.

Giftolog Llc, Gigtolog Llc, 1 Bellis Fair Pkw.

Joy Wiggins: Global Peaceful Paths, Joy Louise Wiggins, 2617 F St #201.

Bell Homes, Bell Homes Llc, 4634 Guide Meridian.

Studio Inkcycle, Michele L Bullock, 1505 G St .

Izaac Mackenzie Post , Izaac Mackenzie Post, 2105 Knox Ave Apt 3.

Bennett Appraisals, Bennett Appraisals Inc, 425 Highland Dr.

Allison Renee Mack, Allison Renee Mack, 114 W Magnolia St Ste 412.

Sprocket Mobile Advertising, Mark Conway Holsbeke, 1609 Larrabee Ave.

Whatcom Diamond Construction Llc, Whatcom Diamond Construction Llc, 623 W Bakerview Rd.

Hook Slide Athletics, Llc, Hook Slide Athletics, Llc, 1511 Lakeway Dr.

Tiny Onion Cooking School, Annalee B Dunn, 2610 Xenia St.

White Hat Solutions, Cecil Woods Jentges, 816 24th St.

Guide Truck Driving School, Amritpreet Singh, 5463 Guide Meridian.

Ahmed Mohmaed Af Absdellatif, Ahmed Mohmaed Af Absdellatif, 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy.

Sm Bergeron Llc, Sm Bergeron Llc, 1440 10th St Unit 216.

Oost Emergency Medicine And Poc Ultrasound, Jason Jacob Oost, 4512 Glen Meadows Pl.

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