Ferndale construction company set to break ground on projects in Everett and Idaho

IMCO General Construction is moving forward on new construction projects in Twin Falls, Idaho and Everett, Wash.

The Ferndale-based company will handle the Everett Water Transmission Line 5 project at Skipley Road and the Twin Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant UV Disinfection System project. Together, it totals more than $2 million in new work.

In Everett, approximately 500 feet of existing elevated water transmission line south of Skipley Road will be removed and relocated east of the city. It is expected to start in April and should wrap up by early summer.

The Everett project is the second one IMCO has undertaken for the city of Everett this year. It is one of several IMCO projects in Snohomish County.

In Idaho, IMCO worked last year on upgrades and expansions to a wastewater treatment facility in the town of Buhl. It also worked on construction of a dairy digester project in Jerome, Idaho.

IMCO is online at www.imco-inc.com.

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