Flooring, events planning businesses open in new shared space

Before three weeks passes, Rich and Zeina Evans hope to open their new storefront, and the two are on a bit of a time crunch. Zeina is pregnant and due to have their baby in three weeks.

Rich and Zeina aren’t new to the business world, but their businesses will be new to Bellingham. Rich, who owns the landscaping company GlacierScapes LLC, is in the process of setting up a flooring business in the same space where Zeina will have her events planning business, at 104 Ohio St. off of Cornwall Avenue.

Rich will use the space to display a flooring material, originally intended for garages, made of recycled plastics and rubber. The flooring, which is now being used in residences and other spaces, comes from a producer in the Vancouver, B.C., area called ProGarage Flooring, which is also where the company is headquartered. Rich will own the company’s Bellingham franchise.

Zeina, who runs her family’s Sumas gas station, will use her portion of the 1,400-square-foot Ohio St. space for her events planning business, called Ever After Events.

“It’s kind of odd that you would have an events planning business and a flooring business in the same space,” Rich admitted, but he said it’s cost effective.

For more information, call Rich at (360) 305-4470 or contact Zeina at zeina@everaftereventsllc.com.

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