The Fountain Coffee & Wine Bistro brews up a community hot spot

The Fountain Coffee & Wine Bistro, which claimed the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building on Broadway, opened in January and...

By Ashley Mitchell

The Fountain Coffee & Wine Bistro
Owners: Fred and Jill Holmes
Start Date: Jan. 2
Address: 1910 Broadway St., Bellingham
Phone: (360) 778-3671
Web site:

A cup of coffee turning into a glass of wine, which is the logo for newly opened The Fountain Coffee & Wine Bistro, mirrors the entire concept behind the new business.

The bistro, which claimed the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building on Broadway, opened in January, offering a mix of food, wine, beer and coffee beverages from dawn till dusk.

“There is a saying that, ‘everything is copied,’” said Manager James Boosey, “but what makes you unique is your approach. I think we’re unique because we do offer different drinks and food all day long, from breakfast till dinner; and it’s a fairly new concept, especially to the Northwest.”

Owners Fred and Jill Holmes always had a keen interest in opening a restaurant of this nature, Boosey said. The couple has had many friends open up successful establishments, and after looking for a period of time, the old KFC building proved to be the right location.

Boosey said the owners are very involved in the restaurant, but he runs all the floor operations. Boosey, who moved to the states from England, has lots of previous experience in pubs and restaurants. Jill also runs an appraisal business in addition to the restaurant.

“The restaurant has the feel of a pub,” Boosey said. “It’s a place where everyone can come, at any point in the day, and enjoy some comfort food.”

The Fountain offers examples of this comfort food for every meal of the day. Breakfast includes a variety of pastries and numerous coffee beverages, lunch offers salads and sandwiches, and dinner brings in larger dishes such as lasagna and spaghetti. Boosey said there is a definite French theme to the menu, but the restaurant has an American diner feel.

In addition to the in-dining options, The Fountain offers a drive-thru and pick-up service as well. The restaurant has a retail liquor license; so not only can customers take their food home, they can also purchase and take home a bottle of beer or wine from their wide selection, Boosey said.

Although the restaurant has seen a lot of business during lunch and dinner, Boosey said they would like to see a bigger breakfast crowd, but they can’t complain overall about the amount of business they’ve come across.

“When the weather improves, we’ll be opening up a deck outside for people to dine on,” he said.

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