Free workshop gives tips on taking stress out of holidays

Bonnie Johnson of Life Counseling LLC is offering a free one-hour workshop to help people learn to better handle stress from expectations, obligations and pressures that can be brought on during the holidays.

The workshop, titled “Taking Charge of Holiday Stress,” will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 1300 Holly St., Suite C, in Bellingham.

Johnson, a licensed mental health counselor, will cover some common causes of holiday stress, practical tips and techniques for stress management, as well as how individuals can create their own plans to put more happiness back into the holidays.

Space is limited for the workshop. Pre-registration is recommended but not required, according to an event annoucement.

Call 360-303-3223 for more information, or visit

Life Counseling LLC was established in 2007 for researching and developing new methods of delivering mental health services online.

The company offers a range of traditional and contemporary counseling and psychotherapy services including in-office appointments, on-site visits and counseling via secure online videoconferencing.

Bonnie Johnson has been a licensed mental health counselor with national board certification for more than 20 years and a distance credentialed counselor since 2006.

She is an affiliate of the TeleMental Health Institute in San Diego, Calif., and a member of the Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington in Bellingham.

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