Frozen salmon donated to Bellingham Food Bank

The Bellingham Food Bank received 1,300 pounds of frozen salmon fillets, the end result of innovative donors. The donation was made possible by a partnership between Bellingham Technical College and Bornstein Seafoods.

“High protein items are a critical food for the hungry families we serve,”  said Mike Cohen, Bellingham Food Bank executive director, in a press release. “More families visit us than at any time in history so donations like this are essential as we work to feed our community.”

The Bellingham Technical College operates a hatchery on Whatcom Creek. Fisheries Technology Instructor Earl Steele manages the hatchery as he teaches his students. Steele also provides a lesson in philanthropy. After harvesting the returning salmon for eggs, the balance are donated for hunger-relief. Bornstein Seafoods picked up the fish, donated the processing, packaging, and freezing. The result is high protein salmon packed in family-sized portions and ready for distribution by the food bank.

The local partnership was developed by SeaShare, a nonprofit organization that helps seafood companies make significant contributions to food banks across the country.

“This partnership exemplifies the value that our seafood leaders add to our communities. Several companies working together can accomplish more than anyone could alone,” said Jim Harmon, executive director of SeaShare, in the press release.

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