Gratitude for support of low-income health care | Letter to the Editor

In this season of giving thanks, we at the Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access want to express our gratitude to the many medical providers in Whatcom County who so generously donate care through Whatcom Project Access.

Whatcom Project Access, a program of the Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access that links low-income, uninsured community members to donated specialty medical care. Since 2007, Whatcom County’s medical specialists have donated services to more than 750 patients who would otherwise not receive the care they need. More than $4 million dollars of care has been donated since the program began.

The medical providers who participate in Whatcom Project Access truly make a difference in people’s lives. A patient who recently received services told us, “After many years of health problems, I needed major surgery but could not afford it [and] I did not know where to turn. Whatcom Project Access was the answer. The staff …connected me with doctors and health care providers who generously donated their time to help me. After surgery, I have a new start on life and I can start walking again, volunteering, and enjoying time with my granddaughters. Without [the doctors], none of this would have been possible.”

The generosity of local medical providers made this clients’ “new start on life” possible, and it is what makes Whatcom Project Access possible. Without them, the program would not exist and people would go without critically important health care.

So if you know a doctor who participates in Whatcom Project Access—or donates care in some other way—please acknowledge his or her invaluable service to our community. Their generosity is part of what makes Whatcom County such a wonderful place to live.

With gratitude,

Lara Welker
Program Manager
Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access

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