Help is here: A substance-free life begins with asking for help

sunriseservicesNew Everett health centre can help you on the road to recovery.

If you or a loved one is grappling with addiction, one of We Washington’s leading recovery programs shares a vital message. You don’t have to do alone.

Using drugs or alcohol as a way of escaping, or coping with challenges, can have de effects for the individual and their family, says Daggett, Substance Use Disorder Program Operations Manager with Sunrise Services.

Whether it’s meth, or opiates or alcohol or marijuana, it start as a ‘quick fix to m problems,’ he says. “But for some people it translates in longer, more frequent use, starts to produce negative consequences like loss of job  or relationships, or domestic violence.”

Helping you emerge from isolation

Asking for help and shedding light on one’s problems is frequently the first step toward a healthier lifestyle, Daggett said. “Addictions are definite a disease of isolation, so Substance Use Disorder program mission statement is ‘You don’t have to do this alone,” he says. “There are many thin that alone may seem too difficult to accomplish, but together we can do just about anything. It is so much easier to things when we don’t feel alone.

Over 40 years of supporting re

With recovery-related programs ranging from individual and group therapy to intensive out patient treatment, and referrals to inpatient treatment if necessary, Sunrise Services has helping individuals address behavioral health diagnoses since the 1970s. Their new Community Behavioral Health office in Everett, serving Snohomish County, is the latest addition to the health and wellness team.

Multi-pronged recovery program

If you’re willing to ask for help, Sunrise accepts you where you’re at, Daggett says. Whether you happen to be homeless, are facing legal issues or have simply identified a problem you’d like to address, supports are available for you to begin your recovery.

Recovery is a lifelong journey it’s not a destination where someone can say, ‘yes, I’ve recovered’ It’s a ongoing pro where you can hopefully say ‘today I’m better than I was yesterday,’ Daggett says. “It’s about setting themselves up for that success, and developing those skills to get out in the community, talk to people with lived experience and how to replace those behaviors.” 

One success can lead to another

The programs at Sunrise are linked in an integrated way, weaving mental health, housing and employment supports together with a persons substance use recovery program. External community supports are also a part of the plan, including family and parenting classes, Dagg says. “We remind people that everyone is a whole person,not just their substance use.”

Reach out for help

To learn more about the range services offered at SunriseServices in Everett and around Western Washington, visit, call 360 or email You can also follow Sunrise on Facebook.

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