Hennessey Contractors moves to Bellingham

Local plumbing and heating specialists Hennessey Contractors has moved to Bellingham and acquired a local competitor to expand services.

Brenna Sebens, office manager for Hennessey Contractors, said the company moved to a 3,000-square-foot shop space at 5373 Guide Meridian #D11 just north of W. Smith Road in Bellingham from their former 1,200-square-foot Blaine location at 600 Peace Portal Drive.

We have a huge expanded warehouse and just a lot more space,” Sebens said. “There is even room for a gym for the employees.”

The company also acquired Northern Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning, which expanded its services to include heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Mike Hennessey, president of Hennessey Contractors, said the expansion of services will bring in more work, but the move itself has its own benefits.

“So far we have doubled our business just by moving to Bellingham from Blaine,” Hennessey said.

For more information, call (360) 398-2888 or visit www.hennesseycontractors.com.

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