Home Depot and Appliance Depot promote reusability

In accordance with Home Depot’s corporate sustainability agenda, its Bellingham store has partnered with a local nonprofit, Appliance Depot, to save old appliances from the crusher.

Appliance Depot is a job training organization that salvages, repairs, and sells used appliances. Workers assess donated appliances for reuse potential; test and repair those with life in them; salvage parts; and recycle what can’t be saved.

Individuals and businesses can also support local sustainability by donating their old appliances—working or not—to Appliance Depot at 802 Marine Drive in Bellingham. Curbside collection is available by calling 527-2646. Appliance Depot sells its tested and restored appliances with a 90-day warranty at approximately half of the cost new. Sales revenues support the organization’s job training program.

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