Houstory Publishing celebrates first year in business

Brothers Mike and Dan Hiestand, owners of Houstory Publishing, are marking the one-year anniversary of their “official” business opening.

Houstory Publishing’s products—The Heirloom Registry and the Home History Book archival journal—are designed to help genealogists and family historians protect and share stories behind houses, family heirlooms and cherished belongings, according to Dan Hiestand, Houstory’s marketing director.

The brothers run the company jointly out of Ferndale and Austin, Texas, where Dan lives.

“After a year in business, I believe in two things more than ever: historical preservation and conservation,” Hiestand wrote in an article published on the company’s blog, The Houstory Hearth. “What we do is steeped in these concepts. My belief is this: The more people know about something, whether a house or a family heirloom, the more likely they will take care of it. This means the priceless stories and histories, as well as the physical materials, won’t just be discarded with trash. These are the things that drive me.”

Houstory’s blog includes a photographic timeline of the company’s first year.

The brothers also recently announced a new promotion for customers who purchase a copy of the book, “How to Archive Family Keepsakes,” written by family heirlooms expert Denise May Levenick.

The sales campaign, titled “Fingerprint Your Heirlooms,” will give purchasers of Levenick’s book three free permanent listings in the Heirloom Registry.

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