Houstory Publishing launches archival Home History Book

After nearly five years in development, brothers Mike and Dan Hiestand of Ferndale recently launched their business, Houstory Publishing. The company is the creator of a new product called a Home History Book archival journal, a publication designed to help share and preserve the story of a home.

“It’s essentially a baby book for the home that is meant to stay with the home,” founder Mike Hiestand said in a press release. “Even as families come and go, the book stays behind to preserve that history and tell the home’s unique story.”

That may include information about former and current residents; building and construction history; noteworthy news and events that take place in the home; photographs; renovations; and information about visitors and guests.

“Too many times the stories and people that make a home ‘a home’ get lost,” Mike said in the release. “This book is designed to capture those moments — to preserve that legacy.”

The brothers believe their primary markets will be real estate agents, who may choose to give them as closing gifts to clients; bed and breakfasts; homeowners and those looking for housewarming gifts.

While the book may not be appropriate for every home, the book works as well for new homes as it does for older homes, since new homeowners can record a property’s history from day one, something that will be invaluable to future owners, said marketing director Dan Hiestand.

The archival-quality books, which are available in two different colors and page designs, are printed and hand-bound in the United States. For more information, contact the company at (877) 962-6500.

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