Inmate re-entry program needs a new home

A charitable organization that helps former inmates transition to life after incarceration is looking for a little charity.

The Restorative Community Coalition, formerly known as the ReEntry Coalition of Whatcom County, has to vacate its office at 3960 Hammer Drive and is looking for a new office.

Since 2007, the nonprofit “has depended on the kindness of its neighbors and supporters for no-cost or low-cost office space,” said executive director Christine Haberkorn in a press release.

The organization is hoping to find a divided office that’s at least 600 square feet, Haberkorn said.

“It would be nice if it was larger but we would be thrilled if someone donated a 600-square-foot space,” she said.

They group moved out of its previous office last weekend. Currently, the nonprofits’ employees, volunteers, and interns are working from home and communicating by phone and email, Haberkorn said.

Irene Morgan, Restorative Community Coalition’s founder, counselor and therapist, said the coalition has helped people find employment and return to life outside prison without returning for as little as $1,500. According to a fact sheet by the Vera Institute of Justice, a year of incarceration in Washington costs $46,897 per inmate on average.

In March, the coalition started a program to raise money and recycle small electronics. The public can drop off cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, laptops and other small electronics at the Garden Street United Methodist Church at 1326 N. Garden St.

The coalition ships the electronics to the Funding Factory, a national organization that pays cash to schools, churches and charities for used electronics.

For more information, call the Restorative Community Coalition at 972-689-4169 or 360-354-3653.

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