Inventor Ivan Owen to teach 3D printing class in Bellingham

The nonprofit Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington, also known as TAG, is sponsoring an Intro to 3D Printing class led by inventor Ivan Owen.

Owen is a special effects artist, designer, inventor and 3D printing enthusiast from Bellingham. His work includes co-creating the “Robohand” partial hand prosthesis, which is now in use by more than 200 people around the world. (Here is a link to a CBS News report about the invention.)

Owen also works with the University of Washington’s MESA (Mathematics, Engineering Science Achievement) Foundation , instructing grade-school teachers on  how to incorporate 3D printing and design into their lesson plans.

This Intro to 3D Printing class will cover the basic concept fused deposition modeling (FDM) printing using PLA plastic, provide an overview of other printing technologies and materials ranging from consumer to production level, cover FDM printer operation including how to best orient files for strength and print accuracy, teach students how to utilize two freely available design tools to generate simple, printable 3D designs, and teach students how to create accurate models of real-world objects with simple geometry.

The course will be held on Jan. 11, Jan. 18, Jan. 25 and Feb. 1. Classes will take place at the BIG Idea Lab, located  at 114 W. Magnolia St., Suite 505.

Enrollment costs $145. Those interested can register online  at; registration deadline is Monday, Jan. 6.


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