iPhone app lets users look up tax rates anywhere in Washington

A new iPhone mobile app developed by the Washington State Department of Revenue allows users to find sales-and-use tax rates at any location statewide.

The free app is intended to help business owners and professionals who make deliveries or manage retail outlets in multiple parts of the state.

“We are using the latest technologies to constantly adapt to the changing needs of taxpayers,” said Janet Shimabukuro, assistant director of the department’s taxpayer services division, in a press release. “The new app should help businesses get the right rate and location code quickly.”

Users can either rely on GPS or type an address into the app to get the rate, location code and a confirmation code. Tax-rate information can then be saved to a list or forwarded to another phone or an email address. The app can also calculate the total cost to a business’ customer with tax included.

State officials said the program is especially useful for mobile businesses that need to code sales tax to the location where services are done, including contractors who work in multiple locations or merchants who ship products across the state.

The app also works on the iPad, and an Android-compatible version will be released shortly, according to the revenue department.

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