Jolly honored by Blue Skies for Children with annual community award

Local nonprofit Blue Skies for Children has awarded Mick Jolly, owner of Karate Quest, as the 2011 Community Partner of the Year.

Jolly donated more than $10,000 in services last year to the nonprofit, which grants wishes for homeless, low-income and foster children.

Blues Skies partners with a wide variety of agencies, nonprofits and businesses to provide children in need with activities such as dance, music, art, swimming and martial arts.

“We appreciate our relationship with all of these organizations, but none have given more altruistically to Blue Skies and our community than Mick Jolly and his team at Karate Quest, said Julie Guay, the organization’s executive director, in a press release. “Jolly is extremely passionate about children, his art and giving back to the community, and we wanted to honor and share his extraordinary generosity.”

Karate Quest offers instruction in a variety of martial arts and self-defense tactics, including karate, boxing, mixed marital arts and kickboxing.

Jolly first opened the business at 1420 Pacific Place in Ferndale, and has since expanded with a second location in Fairhaven.

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