Jonathan Rands establishes new practice with a focus on clients

Jonathan Rands said he takes care of his clients by providing them with multiple points of contact with his new...

By Tristan Hiegler

Jonathan Rands, Attorney at Law
Owner: Jonathan Rands
Start Date: April 12, 2010
Address: 1514 12th St., Suite 100
Phone: (360) 306-8136

Driving under the influence can land someone in a lot of trouble. Licenses can be revoked, fines can be levied and restrictions can be imposed. The legal pressure brought to bear on someone charged with a DUI can seem overwhelming, but that’s where attorney Jonathan Rands can step in to help.

Rands has eight years of experience in the legal field and has seen numerous DUI cases during his time as public defender in Skagit County and at his last firm, Fox Bowman Duarte. He started his own practice in January and had to work out of a friend’s conference room while his own offices were being set up in the former Stanello’s location on 12th Street in Fairhaven.

“Ninety-nine percent of my practice is DUI defense and what that means to me is first and foremost making sure that peoples’ rights are protected,” Rands said. “We live in a society right now that, since 9/11, we’re all too comfortable giving up civil rights in one way, shape or form.”

Rands attended law schools in Jacksonville, Fla., and in Seattle. He said criminal defense law started to appeal to him more and more as he progressed through his education and early training in Seattle. He said DUI cases, in particular, offer a lot of variety and challenges for him to tackle.

“It’s one of the only areas of law where you really get a little bit of everything. You get some science, actually you get a lot of science,” he said, “you get general search and seizure; you get point-of-arrest issues; and you’ve also got something that’s very important to everybody in their lives — which is a driver’s license — at stake.”

Rands said he encourages potential clients to sit down with him to talk about their case before even hiring him. He said he likes to keep in close contact with his clients once he’s hired — not just talk with them in court. His practice provides clients with four points of contact, which are Rands himself, Lynn Rose, his legal assistant, Carrie Moody, his receptionist and Thomas Missel, a private detective Rands often hires.

“I offer more comprehensive service than anybody, not in this city, but anybody in this state,” Rands said. “That’s my main goal. Above-and-beyond criminal defense is making sure I take care of the person and making sure I service the person, because we are a service industry.”

Rands and his wife, Janise, are committed to learning more about the community they are now a part of. He said they are interested in doing charitable work about once a month because it is “the right thing to do” and it allows them to give back to the community outside of the courtroom. They have recently donated to the Birch Bay Food Bank, the Boys and Girls Club and to a scholarship fund at Concrete High School in honor of a veteran.

“It makes a difference,” he said.

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