June and July 2014 Tax liens and business bankruptcies

Federal tax liens

Liens of $5,000 or more issued by the Internal Revenue Service. Listings include business name, lien amount, document number and filing date. Records are obtained locally from the Whatcom County Auditor’s Office.

Copper Hog LLC, $401,631.51, 2140602161, 6/23/14.

Lori A. Erickson, $28,313, 2140602160, 6/23/14.

Paul J. Nelson $32,292.13, 2140603037, 6/30/14.

Harley M. Steven, $38,153.79, 2140603038, 6/30/14.

NY Holding Inc, $279,213.52, 2140603040, 6.30.14.

Release of federal tax liens

No federal tax liens over $5,000 were reported paid and lifted in June or July


No business bankruptcies from Whatcom County were reported last month.


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