KulshanCLT hosting "after hours" get-together with community investing guru Amy McIlvaine

Kulshan Community Land Trust will host an “after hours” social event from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., on Wednesday, April 11.

Amy McIlvaine, KulshanCLT member and community investing expert, will be on hand to share current trends and opportunities in community investing. The event will be held at Brandywine Kitchen, 1317 Commercial St. in Bellingham.

“More and more community members are asking how they can invest in KulshanCLT homes,” KulshanCLT executive director Dean Fearing said, in a March 30 press release. “At a time when we have more qualified homebuyers on our waiting list than we have funds available for purchasing homes, we are eager to explore emerging opportunities to match up willing investors with willing homebuyers. Amy McIlvaine shares our dream and we are eager to learn from her what’s possible, both now and in the future.”

KulshanCLT is a nonprofit community development membership organization. It holds land in trust for permanently affordable homeownership and other community needs, including access to farm land, and offers financial and educational services to people of limited means. As of March 2012, there are currently 104 properties in the trust, including 24 resales.

The group plans to host two more social events, with exact dates of future get-togethers yet to be determined.

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