Laurendeau Foundation to become fund at St. Luke's Foundation

The Laurendeau Foundation for Cancer Care will continue to assist cancer patients by transitioning from a separate foundation to a fund at the St. Luke’s Foundation on August 1.

Since 1980 the Laurendeau Foundation has helped cover the medical expenses of more than 500 Whatcom County cancer patients who aren’t eligible for public assistance or have limited resources. Over the last few years, however, the foundation has been unable to secure enough donations to continue its mission.

Rather than close, the foundation’s board approached the St. Luke’s Foundation to discuss opportunities for continuing service. Founded in 1983 with the sale of St. Luke’s Hospital, the nonprofit St. Luke’s Foundation has provided more than $14.5 million to support vital health-related programs and services in Whatcom County.

“We have a shared history and mission to improve healthcare in Whatcom County. It was a natural fit,” said Ron Snyder, Laurendeau Foundation board president, in a press release.

In September the St. Luke’s Foundation, with the help of a generous local donor, will be launching a matching gift campaign to help the Laurendeau Cancer Care Fund meet the future needs of local cancer patients.

To apply for support or to make a donation, call the St. Luke’s Foundation at (360) 671-1134 or visit

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