Lederer, Guy honored by Whatcom Parks & Rec Foundation

The Whatcom Parks and Recreation Foundation has honored Adrienne Lederer and Julianna Royal Guy with the William J. Dittrich award.

William “Bill” Dittrich was a leader in citizen park advocacy until his death in 1997. He founded the Whatcom Parks and Recreation Foundation in 1989 with the help of former Whatcom County Parks Director Roger DeSpain.

The awards were given at the Foundation’s annual holiday party earlier in December at the Roeder Home.

Julianna Royal Guy came to Bellingham in 2003 following a successful career in broadcasting and telecommunications. She played a key role in organizing the Cordata Neighborhood Association, and helped spark a renewed park-building effort in north Bellingham, including a trail and designated park land in Cordata.

Adrienne Lederer moved to Washington in 1996. after a long career as an associate producer for CBS in New York. Lederer was also a strong contributor in the effort to create more public spaces in the Cordata Neighborhood, and she has been active in public park advocacy for many years.

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