Letter: 18 Bellingham construction businesses unite to support Initiative 1631

October 22, 2018 –Bellingham-based construction industry businesses joined Chuckanut Builders and a growing list of over 100 Washington-based businesses to announce their support for I-1631, Washington’s Clean Air and Clean Energy initiative. Businesses include general contractors, architects and designers, engineering firms, painters, plumbers, and heating and ventilation specialists.

According to Jenny Rae, Communications Director of Chuckanut Builders “The green building industry is uniquely positioned to address the impacts of climate change because the technology to make substantial reductions in energy and CO2 emissions already exists for both new buildings and remodel projects.”When asked about this initiative Markus Virta, Director of Sales & Business Development at Western Solar said,“The solar industry has seen substantial growth over the last decade in Washington State. With the passage of 1631 we would have a stable platform to dramatically grow the industry in Washington and become a national hub for job force development, manufacturing, and high-quality living wage installation jobs. This initiative would inject the stability and certainty into a market that continually reinvests in the local community.”

Bellingham Bay Builders added, “The green building industry in Whatcom County is leading the way to make meaningful changes in reducing the carbon footprint of our homes and workplaces. Initiative 1631 will further stimulate these great local jobs and industry while also reducing Washington state’s emission of climate change gases. Isn’t this our responsibility?”

We believe I-1631 is also an important investment in climate friendly innovations and will establish Washington state as a hub for innovative work on clean energy and climate. These investments will create jobs, drive the adoption of renewable energy sources, and play an important role in protecting Washington’s forests, air and water. The passage of I-1631 would be a clear win for Washington businesses as well as the environment.


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