Letter: Instance of racism in our community

An Open Letter
Dec 10, 2019

To: All our customers, suppliers, staff, and friends
From: Trove Cannabis, Yin-Ho Lai, CEO

On December 6, 2019 Trove Cannabis received a review on Google containing racist and hateful language directed towards the team members of Trove and myself personally.

The Review read:
Same Exact flower cheaper and better quality batches around the corner at other dispensaries. Never again will I go here with the dry buds , high price mark-up , and less than genuine atmosphere. I do NOT recommend this place. Tourist trap for novice people who don’t know any better. Also company is Chinese owned Ho-Yin Gangsters and always getting our data and info via phone number /id glance. What a stealth way sell pot and get data from americans looking for a deal. HO YIN = CHINESE. TROVE CANNABIS OWNED BY HO YIN = Trove Employees = American Traitors Agents For China by Proxy.

A day later, we received another review on Google that shared very similar language, leading us to believe that this is done deliberately and not a random coincidence by upset customers.

I want to say that I am shocked, but I am not. Growing up in the US, I’ve experienced my fair share of micro, and not so micro, aggressions. I always knew in the back of my mind when I started this business that something like this might happen, but even knowing that does not change the hurt that these comments cause. The fact that someone can be so ignorant and hate-filled, who cannot see past the spelling of my name or my ethnicity, is beyond my comprehension.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but I’m as American as the next person. I was born and raised here, and I was taught to take pride in my heritage and in my community. Everything that I do, including my drive to build a sustainable cannabis business, is to take care of people and give back to the community I call home.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the response and support I’ve received from our community so far has been absolutely incredible. It’s amazing how many people were so quick to jump in to help and support us. Since that day, many different people from all walks of life have taken the time to reach out to let me know that they stand behind who we are, and what we do here at Trove. I strongly urge each and every one of you to share this story with your friends, family, and
colleagues so that we can raise awareness and stand up against racism.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you ALL for everything you do to make a positive difference, and for providing Trove with the opportunity to be a part of this community I call home and to be able to serve you every single day.

Yin-Ho Lai, CEO
Trove Cannabis

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