Letter: Solar builder supports efforts to bolster industry

We would like to thank The Bellingham Business Journal for the November feature story on Itekenergy and our solar-panel manufacturing business. We are proud to be part of the Whatcom County business community, and we truly appreciate the recognition.

Of course the real success story is our customers—the forward-thinking Washington residents who are “going solar” in record numbers to power their homes and businesses. It is their passion for a greener state that drives demand for our Made in Washington solar products, which in turn allows Itekenergy to grow our manufacturing operations and add local jobs. As Washington turns to solar power, we all win.

We would also like to thank Rep. Jeff Morris of the 40th Legislative District for his tireless support of our state’s solar industry. As the story noted, we at Itekenergy hope to see the state Legislature extend current incentives that make solar the smart choice both environmentally and financially for consumers. We’re glad to have Rep. Morris as an ally; his support for “clean and green” solar power serves Washington citizens well.

—John Flanagan, Bellingham
Flanagan is president and founding principal of Itekenergy.

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