Letters to the editor


Streamlined Sales and Use Tax unfair

Dear Editor,

First, the stated reason for charging sales tax on deliveries does not make logical sense. Out of state or Internet purchases have absolutely nothing to do with businesses in the state of Washington.

Second, the city of Mount Vernon will lose a very significant amount of income from our business, which is where the sales occur — in Mount Vernon, not in any other city.

Third, common sense: Find the average sales tax that has been imposed in the state of Washington, then create one sales tax amount; assign the job of distributing the local tax to the same employees who are assigned to the collection and recording of the sales tax; and then they should proportion the local sales tax amount based on the population of each city.

Fourth, this state is continually creating tax burdens and time burdens on every business owner within this state.

Fifth, the state government should be held accountable for every dollar that is spent of the taxpayer money.

There should be a law, which is upheld, whereby the state must distribute to every business a monthly balance sheet and financial statement.

The citizens of this state should vote on wages for all state employees, legislators, and governor, inclusive.

The legislative bodies, with the governor’s sanctions, and “special meetings,” have no regard or respect for the business owners who collect, report and submit the imposed sales tax.

If a citizen chooses to purchase a product, which requires delivery, from another business, in another area of the state, because they would like to contribute less of their hard earned money to a higher sales tax area, they have the “right” to do so.

In essence, this law is sabotaging the right of the people to control where they spend their money, to save some of their money.

It is unfair, unjust, and absolutely one more unjustifiable mandate.


Terry Anderson


Anderson Appliance, Inc.


Editor’s note: For information on the newly adopted Streamlined Sales and Use Tax, see story on page A24.


Keenan gets things done

Dear Editor,

During all of February 1999, I worked pro bono for the city of Bellingham. Every day of that month, Don Keenan, then Deputy Mayor, checked in with me to see whether I needed anything to facilitate the projects I was completing. When I did need anything, and mentioned it to Don, I got what I needed that same day.

As I watched the other city employees at all levels, I realized that Don was the “go-to guy” for almost everyone in City Hall. He got things done, and he listened to those who brought problems, suggestions and new initiatives to him. In lengthier conversations, it became clear to me that Don thinks months and years ahead, anticipating problems and consequences. 

Many of the good people running for mayor are worthy of support, but only one has earned my vote. Effective, approachable and committed to address problems here now and problems on the horizon, Don Keenan is my choice for our next mayor. 


Nicholas Mele

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