Letters to the Editor


Support for Geyer

Dear Editor,

Letters written supporting various Bellingham candidates usually promote their candidate’s promises to solve the city’s major problems: good jobs and the economy, developing the waterfront, our water supply, and safe neighborhoods. These are easy issues to speak of, and it is even easier to state that one may have the solutions.

What is important is to know that the candidate has strength of character; this facet is more important than how long he or she may have resided in Bellingham, or whether they lean left or right. I know Bill Geyer is beyond doubt a man you can count on for his proven ability to listen, weigh the facts, and make informed decisions for the city, from the perspective of his strength of character as well as his proven experience.

Bill Geyer’s leadership qualities are needed on the City Council. Let’s elect Bill Geyer to City Council, 5th Ward.


Pam Heward



McShane will make changes

Dear Editor,

I am grateful to the City Club for giving me, and this community, an opportunity to hear from the two mayoral candidates. The contrast between Pike and McShane is very clear: Dan Pike would not make any changes (his bold view of a “Lake Whatcom Czar,” among other things, seems to have drifted away) and he believes in creating decisions with consensus. That’s an appropriate position for someone who works among governmental agencies with shared projects, budgets, and timelines.

But for a mayor, we need someone with new ideas who can lead on those ideas. Dan McShane believes that in order to grow well, the city needs to make some bold changes like an Office of Neighborhoods and a Lake Whatcom Department. We are lucky to have a candidate who wants to engage our citizens where it counts: in setting budgetary priorities, planning for neighborhoods like Old Town, and tracking spending. Dan McShane has participated in public process, has been a part of neighborhood planning, has been a part of planning for growth on the County Council, and has committed himself to the issues important to him and to Bellingham.

The choice for mayor is clear: Dan McShane.


Frances Badgett



Pike exudes positive energy

Dear Editor,

It is rare and refreshing to find a new candidate for public office who exudes such positive energy — and promise — as Dan Pike. He is clearly a responsible person that everyone can trust and feel they will be heard on every issue, not just those he happens to pick. Those qualities are exactly what Bellingham needs at this important juncture in our history.

There are important things to be accomplished and some healing that needs to take place to get us all on the same page and moving forward — together!

We are truly fortunate to have Dan Pike step up and offer his talents, energy and understanding behind our City’s vision of what it wants to become in the future. An important part of that future is what we do now, including voting in the upcoming general election.

Let’s get this guy elected and get on with developing the broad-based teamwork it will take to sustain our quality of life for our children, and their children! Ballots will be mailed Oct. 17 and due no later than Nov. 6. I value my vote and plan to use it to support Dan Pike as our next mayor. I like Pike!


John Watts



Schools require our support

Dear Editor,

Local school levies are now essential to running our schools. Many years ago levies were for extra programs. Now levies are approximately 20 percent of a school district’s basic operating budget. Local levies pay for very fundamental needs such as textbooks, class size reduction and staff training.

Whatcom County students need your support in the upcoming election. By approving 4204, school levies will pass with a simple-majority vote. The current super-majority approval of 60 percent is unfair to schools, as parks and jails only need a simple majority to pass.

Several districts in Whatcom County have had levy failures due to this 60 percent rule. This disrupts school operations by requiring yet another election to get the super majority required.

Please support our students by approving 4204 for a simple-majority requirement for passing school levies.


Mary Lindsey



Geyer has no hidden agenda

Dear Editor,

I recently attended a fundraiser for Bill Geyer’s campaign for City Council. The people I met at this event were neither far right nor far left, just a group of concerned citizens who want fair and professional representation on various issues that come before the City Council.

Both Bill and his wife, Ruth, are dedicated to making sure that whatever issues that come up, they are treated in an honest way. Bill Geyer does not have a hidden agenda. Please vote for Bill Geyer for City Council, 5th Ward.


Bill Heward



McShane good for business

Dear Editor,

I tip my hat to both McShane and Pike for coming through out of seven strong candidates for mayor. But as a business owner in Bellingham I’ll be voting for Dan McShane.

Dan McShane doesn’t just talk about family-wage jobs, he took action to create them for himself and others. The year before he was first elected to the County Council he started a business. It grew and now supports three families. This gives him real insight into the needs of local business and demonstrates his commitment to the community and his work ethic.

Dan McShane knows from his experience as a business owner, and from serving on the Economic Development Investment board, that government’s role is to provide the right environment for business to thrive. We need quality services, like efficient and fair permitting, good police and fire service, an exceptional library for research and support systems like the small-business center at WWU. That’s what Dan will focus on.

Dan McShane won’t make promises he can’t keep; he’ll attend to making Bellingham better for all of us. He has a commitment to family, to community and to public service. He’ll bring change we trust. Mayor McShane will make this community work for business and for families. Please join me in ushering in change we can trust: Vote Dan McShane for mayor.


Anne-Marie Faiola

Bramble Berry Inc.



Geyer will question taxes

Dear Editor,

The long arms of local government cast a wider sweep every year, wrapping Bellingham residents in more taxes, more regulations, and more confusion. Think how refreshing it would be to elect new people to the City Council who question the need for ever more invasions into your wallet and your private property. We have that opportunity this year.

Bill Geyer’s background in city planning and 16 years as a business owner are perfect preparation to be on the Bellingham City Council. His skills can blend community goals with market realities to promote a safe water supply, secure neighborhoods, redevelopment of a waterfront free of environmental hazards, and a vibrant economy for career opportunities.

We’ve seen what happens when no council member challenges the status quo. Bill will question cherished assumptions that have no basis in reality. He will open doors to new solutions. Let’s try to anticipate the unintended consequences that are messing up our community.

This November, I am voting for Bill Geyer for Bellingham City Council, 5th Ward.


Joan Browning



Geyer a unique talent

Dear Editor,

The prospect is seldom afforded to us to vote for such a unique talent for City Council as Bill Geyer. His intelligence, training, and experience give us an opportunity to act for the benefit of our city. We are fortunate that Bellingham voters can vote Bill Geyer onto the Bellingham City Council.

Bill’s grasp of the technical problems of finance, water quality, waterfront rehabilitation and the serious questions of proper funding of pensions (and the public liability that follows) for our city workers should awaken us all to the need of support for such an able and forthright person. Bill should not be disparaged because he is a businessman and a residential builder. He served Bellingham as its planning director from 1985 to 1991. It is this combination of experience that now can benefit our community.

My choice is for a new councilor not focused on giving the city staff a comfort zone, but rather a councilor focused on establishing comfort for the citizens. My choice for Bellingham City Council, 5th Ward, is Bill Geyer.


J. Kaye Faulkner



Geyer can understand, lead

Dear Editor,

Yogi Berra makes us laugh when he advises, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” But it’s no laughing matter when our most important coming municipal activity ( re-defining our waterfront) seems directionless.

Where else in the world is 153 acres of vital, vibrant oceanfront property available for refreshment? What greater jewel will we bequeath to posterity than our city’s waterfront when properly re-defined?

With possibly $100,000,000 of public tax supported city funds on the line we need someone on the City Council conversant with finance. With our hope to enhance esthetics, open spaces, and joy of living, we need a Council member who understands and appreciates our environment. And with our downtown and waterfront posed to absorb some of our projected growth and job creation we need a candidate for City Council who understands city planning.

Mr. Bill Geyer is a former city planner. He has taught courses in finance. He is supported by environmental leadership. Mr. Geyer is just the person for today’s greatest opportunity and challenge … our beloved waterfront. He has the talents to understand and lead.

Elect Bill Geyer to City Council, Ward 5, for a better future.


Grant Deger


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