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Bill Geyer gets local man’s vote


Dear Editor,

Whatcom County is known nationwide as the best place to live, raise children, retire. But there is a kind of pollution here that is destructive, and we should want to stop it. It involves politics.

A friend of mine, Bill Geyer, is running for City Council in Bellingham, and had his campaign signs stolen from an entire neighborhood over the weekend. This isn’t new, but if the perpetrators think that stealing promotes change for the better, they’re wrong. Working honestly and respectfully toward a worthwhile goal will do far more good for all of us, regardless of political affiliation.

Also, I attended the fair in Lynden with my grandsons and saw in a political party’s booth some buttons displaying very offensive messages. Messages I would not want my grandchildren to see, would discipline them for saying, and would not let them wear. These buttons were also displayed at the Ferndale Days street fair. Such ugliness does not accomplish anything good, but promotes hostility and anger.

This is the easiest kind of pollution to remedy. Every one of us is capable of a change of heart. It’s about respect, civility, and just plain wholesomeness. Grownups should have learned these simple rules for living years ago.


Eleanor Bigbie



Pickford Center director clarifies article


Dear Editor,

I wanted to make some corrections to the article written about the Whatcom Film Association and our Pickford Film Center project in the August 2007 issue. I feel I was misquoted in a couple of places and want to set the record straight.

"She said the original design was done well, but would have cost too much money and needed to be redone to make it workable …"

The structural engineering original plans were more than was needed so we asked the engineer to rework them. These are the plans for the earthquake-reinforcing part of the project that entails large amount of steel being integrated into the building’s original structure. The architectural plans for the film center, created by Zervas Group Architects, have had minor changes, but not overly so. This quote suggests that Zervas was at fault in some way for the original architectural plans and in reality we have been thrilled with all aspects of their work with us.

"Clark said nearly all the seats are sold, a testament to community sentiment for the project."

We have sold around 100 of approximately 250 seats so in reality there are seats that are still available. I can’t imagine saying they were almost gone!

"Clark said much of the fundraising responsibilities have been taken off the WFA by someone in the community, who she said prefers to remain anonymous."

It is a continuing major effort of the WFA board and staff to work with others involved in the campaign to reach our fundraising goals together. We take this very seriously and we feel completely responsible for all aspects of our project’s success.

"Clark, who got involved in the project 10 years ago as a volunteer, said she sometimes wonders about the project …"

I never wonder about the project. I may feel stressed or tired some days, but I never "wonder" for a second that what we are doing is not the right direction for our organization and our business. In fact, it is this clarity that keeps me motivated.

Lastly, despite what the photo may suggest that is featured with the article — I am not pregnant!


Alice Clark

Whatcom Film Association

Executive Director


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