The Way of Light closes

By Lance Henderson

Sherman Buck, local artist and life/career/spiritual counselor, will be closing his business, The Way of Light, effective Aug. 31.

Buck said the business, located at 301 W. Holly St., Suite U-1, wasn’t doing well here and he plans to move to Seattle.

“After spending four years, losses are more than gains,” Buck said. “Bellingham is not conducive for the type of healng business I do, nor the art that I do either. Seattle has way more diversity and more people who are interested in my services.”

Along with art and counseling, Buck also offers self-mastery teaching and energetic and shamanic art healing. He also offers his services as a guide for psychedelic experiences.

Buck said he will still do some business by appointment, but is moving to Seattle with hopes of opening an office there.

“I hope to get back up and running after I pay off my debts in a year or so,” Buck said.

The Way of Light has been open since 2004.

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