Limelight Cinema to begin serving beer and wine in July

The Pickford Film Center’s Limelight Cinema plans to offer beer and wine to moviegoers, starting July 4.

This comes nearly a year and a half after the Pickford began selling beer and wine to patrons in one of its two theaters at its main downtown facility on Bay Street. With the change, the Limelight, which is located at 1416 Cornwall Ave. in downtown Bellingham, will only sell tickets to customers 21 years or older.

More small and independent theaters are likely to begin offering beer and wine once a new state law takes effect on July 27, allowing theaters with four or fewer movie screens to apply for a $400 annual license from the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

Up until now, theaters have had to receive special approval from the liquor board to obtain the necessary licenses to sell alcohol.

In addition, the Limelight’s new Digital Cinema Package, a high-tech film projection system that replaces its 35 mm projector, will be installed in the coming weeks. Pickford staff have already installed similar systems at its main theater.

The nonprofit film center was able to raise the $225,000 needed for its digital upgrade earlier this year. With the planned industry-wide phase out of 35 mm film, movie theaters everywhere have had to make similar conversions.

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