Liquor and Marijuana Licenses, May 28-June 15

Records include license activity in Whatcom County. They are obtained from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, online at


To & Go Burgers And Wings, Lucky Penny Corp, Peter F. Wasley, Pam Wasley, Evan D. Cooper, Douglas Alan Starcher, Lynn V. Starcher, applied for a new beer/wine rest – beer/wine license at 2601 Birchwood Ave., Bellingham. License no.: 426842. June 1.

Growlers Keep, Growlers Keep Inc, Paulette W. Petersen, Robert Noyes Petersen, James E. Sullivan, Rachel B. Sullivan applied to add/change class/ in lieu of a beer/wine specialty shop, beer/wine specialty shop growlers, keg sales license at 436 West Bakerview Road Suite 111, Bellingham. License no.: 422112. June 1.

Milano’s Restaurant, Maple Falls Inc., Melissha E. Gasca, Tiago Hassan, applied to add/change class/in lieu of a direct shipment receiver-in WA only; spirits/br/wn rest lounge+; off-premises sale wine license at 9990 Mt Baker Highway, Deming. License no.: 076246. June 1.

Bellingham Sportsplex, Whatcom Sports & Recreation, Chet Lackey, Clara M. Lackey, Brad Killmer, Debra Ann Killmer, Dave Miller, Erica H. Dascher applied for a new snack bar – concession license at 1225 civic field way, Bellingham. License no.: 425827. June 5.

The Lookout Taphouse, Lookout Taphouse LLC, Anthony Weskamp, Jillian Keahey, applied for a new tavern – Beer/wine; off premises license at 1941 Lake Whatcom Blvd. Suite B3, Bellingham. License no.: 426861. June 6.

Downtime Taps, Downtime Taps, Inc, Chay Tan, Christina Tan, Tomas Aminnie applied for a new Tavern – beer/wine; off premises license at 1730 Labounty Drive Suite 11, Ferndale. License no.: 426173. June 6.


Noir Wine Bar & Boutique, 321 Telegraph Road Bellingham, was approved for a new 462, beer/wine rest – beer/wine license. License no.: 426507. May 30.

MV Salish Express, 355 Harris Ave., Suite 104C, Bellingham, was approved for a 442, spirits/br/wn rest service bar license. License no.: 426704. June 4.

Dumpling King, 1204 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, approved for in lieu of a 426, spirits/br/wn rest lounge- license. License no.: 424363. June 4.

Breakwaters, 715 Simundson Drive, Point Roberts, added/changed class/in lieu of a 349, direct shipment receiver-in/out WA license. License no.: 407718. June 5.

Hokkai Ramen & Sushi, 4277 Meridian St., Suite 102, Bellingham was approved for a new 462, beer/wine rest – beer/wine license. License no.: 426489. June 7.

Milano’s Restaurant, 9990 Mt Baker Highway, Deming, added/changed class/in lieu of a 350,direct shipment receiver-in WA only license. License no.: 076246. June 11.

Grassin Farms, 3660 Lindsay Road, Suite 1M, Everson, changed corporate officer on a 392, marijuana producer tier 3 license. License no.: 414230. June 12.

Evergreen Cannabis, 922 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine, added fees to a 394, marijuana retailer license. License no.: 415064. June 12.

Swell Farmacy WA, 5411 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, was approved for a new 391, marijuana producer tier 2 license. License no.: 424967. June 14.


Meridian Superstore, 1873 Main St., Suite 3, Ferndale, had a 450, grocery store – beer/wine license discontinued. License no.: 425141. June 1.

7-Eleven #36791A, 141South Samish Way, Bellingham, had a 450, grocery store – beer/wine license discontinued. License no.: 411365. June 1.

Tree Frog Night Inn, 1727 Mt. Baker Highway, Bellingham, has a 3, bed & breakfast license discontinued. License no.: 407237. June 4.


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