Liquor and Marijuana Licenses, Sept. 24-Oct.4

Records include license activity in Whatcom County. They are obtained from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, online at


Station Social House, Station Social House LLC, Peter F. Wasley, Pam Wasley, applied for a new spirits/br/wn rest lounge+ license at 1327 North State St., Bellingham. License no.: 427347. Sept. 26.

Jack’s, Daphnes Downtown Inc, Brian P. Taylor, Louis Favier, applied for a new spirits/br/wn rest lounge- license at 219 West Holly St., Bellingham. License no.: 426642. Sept. 28.

A Que Taco Palace, Martinez-Garcia Corporation, Virgina Garcia Avella, applied for a new beer/wine rest – beer/wine license at 117 West Main St., Everson. License no.: 356755. Oct. 3.


WCW Enterprises, 3708 Mount Baker Highway, Everson, added fees to a 394, marijuana retailer license. License no.: 415445. Sept. 21.

Kismet Cafe, 202 Grand Ave., Bellingham, was approved for a new 462, beer/wine rest – beer/wine license. License no.: 427128. Sept. 26.

Amber Brick, 5473 Guide Meridian Suite B and C, Bellingham, added fees to a 393, marijuana processor license. License no.: 416929. Sept. 28.


Chandara House, 655 Front St. Suite 10, Lynden, had a 462, beer/wine rest – beer/wine license discontinued. License no.: 407137. Sept. 24.

Hard Washington, 409 Robinson St., Everson, had a 327, domestic winery < 250,000 liters license discontinued. License no.: 411763. Sept. 26.

Viscro Holdings, 456 West Road, Bellingham, had a 391, marijuana producer tier 2 license discontinued. License no.: 412656. Oct. 2.


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