Local business to launch treasure map for local beer

A new business plans to make Bellingham’s burgeoning brewing industry easier for tourists to navigate. The company, called the Bellingham Tap Trail, is creating a map of local breweries and other beer-centric businesses.

Brian Seales, one of four Bellingham Tap Trail founders said they hope to produce the map in time for Bellingham Beer Week, which starts Sept. 12. By summer 2015, they plan to guide brewery tours by bike and van.

Seales said the company is inspired by similar businesses in Bend Ore. Bend’s population is about 80,000 – roughly the same as Bellingham’s – and it is home to 26 breweries.

“I think we have an opportunity here in Bellingham to achieve a similar beer culture to Bend,” Seales said. “I think the growing trend of breweries is enough to warrant a map.”

Seales said he has insider information on new breweries in the works, and he thinks Bellingham will have at least nine breweries by 2015. Bellingham is becoming known for its abundance of craft beer, and attracting tourists who come solely for beer, he said.

Seales said they have some unique ideas for beer tours.

Learn more about Bellingham Tap Trail at www.bellinghamtaptrail.com

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