Local "coworking" pioneer launches new consulting firm

Renata B. Kowlaczyk, who helped create the first “coworking” space in Bellingham, will launch a new consulting practice on Jan. 21 called RenataBK.

Kowalczyk, who is also the former co-founder of Coworking LLC, said RenataBK is designed to help local businesses find hidden sources of cash.

“When Coworking LLC and 2020 Engineering partnered to create the coworking space, the ‘Pond,’ I realized that sharing resources is only one of three ways the cash can be brought back or kept in a business,” Kowalczyk said, in a press release. “The other two ways to bring back or keep cash depend on access to market and access to capital.”

Before arriving in Bellingham, Kowalczyk spent time as a business consultant on Wall Street.  

RenataBK is offering free fundraising analyses as part of the business launch. More information is available at www.renatabk.com.

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