Local mom creates Bellingham Moms for Moms website

A Bellingham mom has launched a local version of the Moms for Moms Communities social network.

BellinghamMomsforMoms.com, which was created by Katie Brown of Bellingham, is designed to allow local moms a venue to discuss, interact and engage with other members of their community.

“As the site grows it becomes a local community resource,” Brown said, in a press release. “Being a mother can be isolating when we’re stuck at home with nap times or committed to school and activity schedules, so it’s hard to interact with other adults. All the information is relevant to the members because the content is user-generated by the moms and the site focuses on our local community. We are building a stronger community by engaging our mothers.”

Bellingham Moms for Moms is one of 12 self-contained social networks under the Moms for Moms Communities umbrella. The network was created in 2010 by Janine Cuthbertson of Carbondale, Colo., and has since added new networks in Colorado, Oregon, Montana and California.

Bellingham Moms for Moms acts as both a portal for practical information and a conduit for moms in the community to discuss topics of interest to them.

Brown said it should be especially helpful to new moms who might feel  isolated after having children.

Moms can exchange advice about local pediatricians or available babysitters, or look for used baby gear in the site’s “Marketplace” section.

The site also encourages support of local businesses.

Moms who are business owners can join the “Shop Mom” program, and Brown said local businesses that are relevant and add value to moms are encouraged to advertise.

Membership is free and all local mothers from pregnancy through grandmother-hood are welcome to join.

For more information, email Katie Brown at katie@bellinghammomsformoms.com.

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