Local produce market open on Guide Meridian

A new market on Guide Meridian is selling local organic fruit and vegetables seven days a week.

The Mt. Baker Farmers Market opened this week at 4905 Guide Meridian, just north of Kelly Road. The market has space for vendors, but it isn’t a standard farmers market. DJ Nagra, market owner, buys and resells produce from other farmers and sells produce from his own farm.

Nagra owns Mount Baker Blueberry Farm, where he grows 30 acres of organic blueberries. For the first time this year, he also grew a variety of vegetables, including pumpkins, corn, peas, beans, and radishes. Currently, his vegetables make up about 60 percent of the produce for sale at the market, he said

In addition to Nagra’s produce, he has fruit and vegetables from around the state, as well as avocados from Mexico and a selection of other more exotic fruit from out of state.

Nagra buys produce directly from farmers and trucks it himself. He knows farmers from around the region through yet another business that he owns, a trucking company called Mt. Baker Logistics.

By next week, he said the market will be fully open and ready for vendors.

“Mother Nature doesn’t wait for anyone, so we decided to open our own booth,” he said.

Nagra thought about opening a market at his farm, but decided on the Guide Meridian location instead because it gets so much traffic, he said.

Nagra plans to keep Mt. Baker Farmers Market open year-round.

“What makes me think we can do it? Because everything is possible,” Nagra said. “I’m trying to break the barrier between farmer and consumer.”

Nagra started farming after a nine-year career at Denny’s, where he went from dishwasher to acting area manager.

The Mt. Baker Farmers Market is currently open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information, email mtbakerfarmermarket@gmail.com


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