Manufacturing in Bellingham is flourishing, data suggests

According to a new study by AdvisorSmith, Bellingham ranks #5 on the list of midsize cities that have increasingly robust manufacturing sectors. The study analyzed cities using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Among other factors, the study ranked cities based on criteria such as manufacturing output per capita and manufacturing employment. Noted in the study were Bellingham’s major manufacturing industries; petroleum refining and aircraft interiors.

The study found that manufacturing output per capita in Bellingham was $13,349; compared to the national average of $7,032. Between 2014-18 Bellingham had a 10.6% manufacturing output growth rate.

Number one on the midsize cities list was Elkhart, IN. Number two on the list was Reno, NV number three was Lake Charles, LA and number four was Beaumont, TX. Bellingham also came in at #14 among cities of all sizes. To see the full study you can visit

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