March 2015 business licenses

Listings, which feature both new and renewed licenses, include business name and the business’ physical address. Records are obtained from the City of Bellingham.

4 Color Flyers, Harbor Holdings Group Llc, 3 Rocky Ridge Dr., Bellingham, WA.
A To Z Yard And Exterior Maintenance Llc, A To Z Yard And Exterior Maintenance Llc, 3532 Skylark Loop, Bellingham, WA.
Aaron David Lebovitz, Aaron David Lebovitz, 4580 Lost Creek Ln, Bellingham, WA.
Abby’s Cleaning Service, Dina Abigail Amezquita-De Ortiz, 2284 Yew Street Rd Trlr E4, Bellingham, WA.
Abcdance, Tabetha Clark, 4514 E Oregon St., Bellingham, WA.
Ace Home Repair, Steven Howard Tatom, 1014 W Smith Rd. Trlr 13, Bellingham, WA.
Adams Vintage Import Auto Parts, Adams Vintage Import Auto Parts Llc, 4711 Sand Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Advanced Powering Services, Inc., Advanced Powering Services, Inc., 85 Spieden Pl., Bellingham, WA.
Ahead Vacation Rentals, Ahead Vacation Rentals, Llc, 2600 Donovan Ave., Bellingham, WA.
All Temp Soft Covers, All Temp Soft Covers Llc, 2112 Verona St., Bellingham, WA.
Amber Mountain Studios, Amber Mountain Studios Inc., 2885 Lake Whatcom Blvd, Bellingham, WA.
Anastasia Doyle, Llc,, Anastasia Doyle, Llc, 259 W Bakerview Rd Apt 307, Bellingham, WA.
Anatoliy Gorun, Anatoliy Gorun, 335 Meadowbrook Ct. Apt. 206, Bellingham, WA.
Animalia, Jennifer Ann Ladd, 375 W Lake Samish Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Apollo Ventures, Llc, Apollo Ventures, Llc, 2702 Nevada St., Bellingham, WA.
Ashmore Acres, Llc, Ashmore Acres, Llc, 5956 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA.
Aspire Adventure Running, Aspire Adventure Running Llc, 3233 Pinewood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Audra Lee Photography, Audra Lee Mercille, 2116 G St., Bellingham, WA.
Authentic Aztec Cuisine, Authentic Aztec Cuisine, 702 Kentucky St # 547, Bellingham, WA.
B&J Trucking Nw, Llc, B&J Trucking Nw, Llc, 4239 Stone Crest Ct., Bellingham, WA.
Basic Cleaning Plus, Basic Cleaning Plus Llc, 1106 W Holly St Apt C7, Bellingham, WA.
Beauty Boutique, Beauty Boutique, 103 E Holly St Ste 207, Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Aerial Media, Llc, Bellingham Aerial Media, Llc, 3650 Westhills Pl, Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Blow-Dry & Beauty Bar, Llc, Bellingham Blow-Dry & Beauty Bar, Llc, 206 W. Magnolia St., Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Massage Clinic Pllc, Bellingham Massage Clinic Pllc, 119 N Commercial St. Ste 410, Bellingham, WA.
Bellingham Mobile Detail, Sheldon Lycan, 1118 N. Forest St. Apt 304, Bellingham, WA.
Best Buds Collective Gardens, Best Buds Collective Gardens, 2518 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA.
Blankenship’s Golden Treasures, Nicholas Dean Blankenship, 2107 Michigan St., Bellingham, WA.
Blue Ridge Building Llc, Blue Ridge Building, L.L.C., 2460 Lakeway Dr Bldg Llc, Bellingham, WA.
Booked & Filed, Inc, Booked & Filed, Inc., 60 N Point Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Brennan Gilbert Psyd, Brennan Gilbert, 1112 11th St Ste 301, Bellingham, WA.
Brite-Way Window Service, Luke Allen Frontczak, 826 Queen St., Bellingham, WA.
C.C. Marketing, C.C. Marketing Llc, 2724 W Crestline Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Carla A Lee, Carla A Lee, 2212 Elizabeth St., Bellingham, WA.
Cascadia Productions, Inc., Cascadia Productions, Inc., 1870 Emerald Lake Way, Bellingham, WA.
Coast Mountain Holdings Llc, Coast Mountain Holdings Llc, 2416 Dean Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Coast Mountain Support Services, Coast Mountain Support Services Llc, 2416 Dean Ave, Bellingham, WA.
Common Sense Inspections, Common Sense Inspections Inc., 3780 Beazer Rd, Bellingham, WA.
Cr Technologies, Jesse Elkins Jack Elkins, 2435 Strider Ln Ste 104, Bellingham, WA.
Cruisin Cuts, Leroy Jay Meeboer, 314 E Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
Darcy Riggins-Schmidt, Darcy Anne Riggins-Schmidt, 2820 Lyle St., Bellingham, WA.
Date And Paint Llc, Date And Paint Llc, 4071 Hannegan Rd, Bellingham, WA.
Dc Sourcing, Dahvid C Hill, 1717 Iron St., Bellingham, WA.
Design 209 Llc, Design 209 Llc, 209 Prospect St., Bellingham, WA.
Don K Alper & Associates, Don Keith Alper, 1030 15th St., Bellingham, WA.
Donna James Photography, Donna Lynne James, 1306 Cornwall Ave Ste 212, Bellingham, WA.
Dubow Environmental Consulting, Tami Joy Dubow, 4255 Van Horn Ln., Bellingham, WA.
Duo Consulting, Llc, Duo Consulting, Llc, 1313 E Maple St., Bellingham, WA.
Dy Transport Llc, Dy Transport Llc, 3745 Canterbury Ln Apt 93, Bellingham, WA.
E Fish Company, E Fish Company, 1798 Swamp Creek Ln, Bellingham, WA.
EJM Bookkeeping Services, EJM Bookkeeping Services, Llc., 1155 N State St. Ste 417, Bellingham, WA.
ESS Support Services, Statewide Services, Inc., 629 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Fairhaven Capital Advisors, Llc, Ims Migration Services, Llc, 1200 Old Fairhaven Pkwy, Bellingham, WA.
Favinger Leasing , Llc, Favinger Leasing, Llc, 1700 Kentucky St., Bellingham, WA.
Flex Auto Sales Llc, Flex Auto Sales Llc, 4770 Pacific Highway, Bellingham, WA.
Flourish, Megan Rose Mailhot, 2736 Northwest Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Fresh Space Redesign, Fresh Space Redesign, 3000 Alderwood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Genevieve Wohlford, N.D., Pllc, Genevieve Wohlford, N.D., Pllc, 214 N Commercial St Ste 102, Bellingham, WA.
Gies Associates, Llc, Gies Associates, Llc, 2915 Newmarket St. Ste 105, Bellingham, WA.
Gizmo’s IT Solutions, Gizmo’s IT Solutions, 601 Linden Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Green Cleaning By Amy, Amy Renee Eardley, 1255 Lakeview St., Bellingham, WA.
Greenleaf & Blueberry, Greenleaf & Blueberry Llc., 1764 Old Samish Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Groceryworks.Com, Groceryworks.Com Operating Company, 1275 E Sunset Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Hair By Laurie Llc, Hair By Laurie Llc, 868 S Hills Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Happy House Cleaning, Happy House Cleaning Llc, 2207 Yew St., Bellingham, WA.
Harjit K Dhaliwal, Harjit K Dhaliwal, 4071 Home Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Harrington-Verona Storage, Llc, Harrington-Verona Storage, Llc, 2112 Verona St., Bellingham, WA.
Heal With Happiness, Heal With Happiness, 1010 N Garden St Apt 4, Bellingham, WA.
Healthit, Inc., Healthit, Inc., 5 Tee Pl, Bellingham, WA.
Healthspace USA, Healthspace USA Inc., 114 W. Magnolia St., Bellingham, WA.
Horseshoe Cafe, Step 3, Inc, 113 E Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
Hydro-Care International Inc., Hydro-Care International Inc., 4290 Pacific Hwy Ste D, Bellingham, WA.
Hydrographic Design Technology, Hydrographic Design Technology, 4053 Gloria Ln, Bellingham, WA.
Idea Wheel, William Francis Tierney Iv, 7 Huckleberry Ct, Bellingham, WA.
Idiot Cookies, Llc, Idiot Cookies, Llc, 1109 Douglas Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Illumine Endowment Fundation, Illumine Endowment Foundation, 2720 Undine Pl, Bellingham, WA.
Interurban History, Interurban History, 2097 Wildflower Ct, Bellingham, WA.
Jack & Jules Productions, Kyle Matthew Logghe, 717 12th St., Bellingham, WA.
Jackie Ralston, Lmp, Jacqueline Ralston, 1012 Dupont St., Bellingham, WA.
Janet Schlenkerman, Janet L Schlenkerman, 1022 17th St. Unit A, Bellingham, WA.
Judi WAllis Nason, Judi WAllis Nason, 2201 Lummi Shore Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Kaman Fluid Power, Llc, Kaman Fluid Power, Llc, 4125 Bakerview Spur, Bellingham, WA.
Karma Painting, Llc, Karma Painting, Llc, 5925 Noon Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Kassandra Marie Photography, Kassandra Marie Caseria, 885 Palmer Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Katie Marie Photography, Katie Marie Goodsell, 2705 Superior St.,Bellingham, WA.
Kentucky & Toledo Property, Llc, Kentucky & Toledo Property, Llc, 1700 Kentucky St., Bellingham, WA.
Kerstin Martin Web Design, Kerstin Martin Llc, 1140 10th Street Ste 222, Bellingham, WA.
Kira Cul’tofay, Kira Larock, 1225 E Sunset Dr Ste 145 #580, Bellingham, WA.
Kramer Concrete Construction Inc., Kramer Concrete Construction Inc., 4717 Bevan St., Bellingham, WA.
Laura M Hansen, Laura M Hansen, 2951 Goshen Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Lavish Chair Covers, Rachel Ann Frere, 12 Little Strawberry Ln, Bellingham, WA.
Lindy Nicole Mcclymont, Lindy Nicole Mcclymont, 118 E Magnolia St., Bellingham, WA.
Lisa Mcshane, Lisa Mcshane, 1451 Grant St., Bellingham, WA.
Little Bugs, Monica Renay Padilla, 2400 Yew St., Bellingham, WA.
Lucita Sail Charters, Henry Muska, Squalicum Harbor, Bellingham, WA.
Lynne Oulman, Lynne Oulman, 816 14th St., Bellingham, WA.
M. J. Doherty, Pllc, M. J. Doherty, Pllc, 804 12th St., Bellingham, WA.
Me Jane Coffee Llc, Me Jane Coffee Llc, 2377 Coyote Creek Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Metscher Enterprises, Kaitlyn Ann Metscher, 1118 N Forest St Apt 103, Bellingham, WA.
Mind Body Spirit Fusion Union, Mind Body Spirit Fusion Union, Llc, 215 W Holly St Ste G6, Bellingham, WA.
Motel 6 #44, G6 Hospitality Property Llc, 3701 Byron St., Bellingham, WA.
Mothers Nature Nw, Dale H Fearing, 2218 Erie St., Bellingham, WA.
Mount Baker Bicycle Club, Mount Baker Bicycle Club, 1999 30th St., Bellingham, WA.
Mueller Industrial Design, Mueller Industrial Design L.L.C., 4260 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Nisha Chopra, Nisha Chopra, 902 N State St Ste 102, Bellingham, WA.
Northwest Passage Yachts, Inc., Northwest Passage Yachts, Inc., 2551 Roeder Ave., Bellingham, WA
Oliva Gift Company Llc, Oliva Gift Company Llc, 2950 Newmarket St., Bellingham, WA.
Oliver Noble Alexander, Oliver N Alexander, 1510 E Sunset Dr.,Bellingham, WA.
Opus On Stage, Opus On Stage, 114 W Holly St., Bellingham, WA.
Pablos Lawn Maintenance, Pablo Hernandez Selvin, 3337 Redwood Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Pacific Computing Systems Llc, Pacific Computing Systems Llc, 1840 Valencia St., Bellingham, WA.
Parker Northwest, Llc Parker Northwest, Llc, 3910 Bakerview Spur, Bellingham, WA.
Peak Analytics Laboratory Testing Services, Llc., Peak Analytics Laboratory Testing Services, Llc., 5373 Guide Meridian Ste F201, Bellingham, WA.
Peanut Case, Peanut Case Llc, 1417 Alabama St., Bellingham, WA.
Pedal Party Nw, Inc., Pedal Party Nw, Inc., 501 Meador Ave Ste 106, Bellingham, WA.
Phe-Ball Wintergreen, Phe-Ball Wintergreen Llc, 4238 Wintergreen Cir Apt 181, Bellingham, WA.
Pink Nail, Huong T Nguyen, 1304 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Plick’s Flicks, Katherine Ann Hall Plick, 2519 Nevada St., Bellingham, WA.
Purely Serene YBR, Purely Serene YBR Llc, 1217 Carolina St., Bellingham, WA.
Quartz Cove Llc, Quartz Cove Llc, 2950 Newmarket St., Bellingham, WA.
Roger M. Brown Consulting, Roger Millard Brown, 3603 Sylvan Pl., Bellingham, WA.
Rrr Home/Office Organization & Design, Rrr Home/Office Organization & Design Inc, 201 Sudden Valley Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Sanchez Fisheries Inc., Sanchez Fisheries Inc, 1713 Mill Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Saturna Environmental Corporation, Saturna Environmental Corporation, 1300 N State St., Bellingham, WA.
Sb Painting, Sean Matthew Binggeli, 1517 Texas St., Bellingham, WA.
SDC, Stop Drop & Clean Llc, 2621 Madrona St., Bellingham, WA.
Shirlee Bird Cafe, Llc, Shirlee Bird Cafe, Llc, 1200 Harris Ave. Ste 101, Bellingham, WA.
Sierra Landscape Services Llc, Sierra Landscape Services Llc, 591 E Bakerview Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Skyline Advisors, Skyline Advisors, Inc, 405 32nd St Ste 201, Bellingham, WA.
Solomon Travel Agency, Robert Solomon, 6097 Roberts Rd.,Bellingham, WA.
Squalicum Builders Llc, Squalicum Builders Llc, 2422 E Bakerview Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Statement Apparel, Llc, Statement Apparel, Llc, 2945 Newmarket St Ste 107, Bellingham, WA.
Stellar Galaxy Llc, Stellar Galaxy Llc, 1814 Texas St Apt 27, Bellingham, WA.
Stryka Media, Eric Dobbs, 2916 Walnut St., Bellingham, WA.
Subdued Excitement Ltd, Subdued Excitement Ltd, 310 W Illinois St., Bellingham, WA.
Thc Plexus, Caline J Bruyn, 1053 Sehome Ave., Bellingham, WA.
The Biomimicry Institute, The Biomimicry Institute, 2712 Franklin St., Bellingham, WA.
The Foundry, The Foundry Llc, 500 Carolina St., Bellingham, WA.
The Kona Bike Shop, Kona Usa, Inc., 1622 N State St., Bellingham, WA.
Thejewelrystop.Com, Thejewelrystop.Com Llc, 4565 Curtis Rd., Bellingham, WA.
Tim Manzo, Tim Manzo, 811 Eldridge Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Tkk Communications and Services, Tkk Communications and Services, 73 Polo Park Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Today’s Masonry, Today’s Masonry Llc, 157 Harbor View Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Tommy Jordan, Thomas J Couling, 302 Flora St Apt 3, Bellingham, WA.
Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy, Beautiworks Washington, Llc., 1411 Railroad Ave., Bellingham, WA.
Trunk & Limb Llc, Trunk & Limb Llc, 2638 Bay Shore Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Ty Whitcomb, Ty Whitcomb, 1824 Northshore Dr., Bellingham, WA.
Value 3d Print, Loren Alexander Mccleve, 3713 Seeley St., Bellingham, WA.
Verdelux Licensing Llc, Verdelux Licensing Llc, 924 Kentucky St., Bellingham, WA.
Waxman Training, Wendy Waxman, 2911 Patton St., Bellingham, WA.
Whatcom Janitorial Llc, Whatcom Janitorial, Llc, 2602 Carolina Street Unit D4, Bellingham, WA.
Willow B, Brandy Cheree Blecker, 1053 Northwest Ridge Ln, Bellingham, WA.
WWU Properties, Llc, WWU Properties, Llc, 1329 N State St Ste 205, Bellingham, WA.
Wyatt’s Lindy Hoppers, Wyatt’s Lindy Hoppers Llc, 2762 BroadWay St., Bellingham, WA.

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